Next Stage Productions

NYT Next Stage 15+

NYT is passionate about musicals and the Performing Arts!

This advanced group is for students 15 years +.

The students will meet each week over a six month period to rehearse a musical production, which will consist of intricate harmonic vocal construction and in-depth insight into characterisation of parts allocated.

The choreographed production numbers will be challenging but fun and a great sense of achievement will be felt when they are performed in front of a live audience.

Visit your local centre, where you will find full details of rehearsal venues, dates and times etc.

Each discipline of the three arts – music, dance and acting will have a dedicated tutor specifically assigned to his or her department.

They are many aspects to a musical production, and each student, if they so wish, will be allocated a certain genre to work alongside a professional and gain vital experience.

This could be, for instance, wardrobe, lighting, sound, stage management, music, directing and production. The shows will be performed in a local theatre with professional musicians.